South Wales Police

It’s not often you get a brief where your primary target audience is 80+ and female. So, we knew we were in for a fascinating journey. The challenge? To raise the awareness  of rogue cold callers for a joint campaign between various police forces and trading standards in Wales.

There are two types of cold caller. People who makes an excuse to enter someone’s house, before stealing whatever they can. And then there are rogue traders who knock on doors, carry out small inexpensive jobs and then demand an extortionate amount of money – they have even been know to drive their victims to the cashpoint. This is crime that victims are often embarrassed to talk about. But it’s a big problem and we needed to raise awareness.

So, we tailored our creative thinking and strategy to produce a TV advert to reflect the old-time information posters the audience would be familiar with! Here’s the TV advert that’s attracted nearly 11,000 views on YouTube – and that’s just the English version. We also produced booklets, leaflets, a microsite and a range of different materials to make sure people were aware of the menace and dangers      of cold callers.

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