Future Planet: Warp Speed

It’s good to be working on projects with the Future Index. My blog post out now.

Future Index Extra


So, science fiction could have been science fact all along. Making Gene Roddenberry a modern-day Nostradamus for realising the possibility of Star Trek’s warp speed – despite what Einstein said. And if faster than light-speed is now possible and we’re really set to boldly go beyond the stars – what else does the future hold for our planet?

Now, predicting the future is notoriously tricky. Otherwise we’d all be living on the moon or travelling around in hover cars. But there are seismic changes going on around the world, socially, economically and geographically. There’s the rise of China and the emergence of powerhouses like Brazil who are now significantly investing in future powerhouses like Africa.

There are revolutions in communications, healthcare, technology and manufacturing (to name but a few) happening in front of our eyes. And there’s so much new news out there – it’s difficult to keep pace…

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