TFF Challenge




It’s not everyday you get to work on a project that sets out to change the world. But working with a range of partners including Syngenta that’s exactly what we aimed to do, as we created a global challenge that would get students thinking about the problem of food security and inspire them to develop innovative solutions to feed the world in the future.

The journey began with a name and a logo. We then contacted universities. We created a short film to make sure influential industry people sat up and took notice. And then we ran a series of student challenges through social media and asked the teams to video their progress every step of the way. The winners then got to go on stage to talk about food security at One Young World – an event for future young leaders who were inspired by such great speakers as Bob Geldof and Jamie Oliver. Awarded a CIPD for best graduate initiative, the TFF Challenge continues to go from strength to strength.

Watch the video we created that shook up the establishment at the Forum for the Future of Agriculture.

And then take a look at how groups of students who had never met before were inspired to eat locusts, teach children and run around in chicken suits to change the planet for the better.

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  1. The Thought For Food Challenge was an amazing project to work on. A fantastic opportunity to work with a group of inspirational people.

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